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AmyriAD is focused on two key areas affected by Alzheimer’s disease (AD): mental clarity and the ability to function in everyday life. We’re currently testing two revolutionary treatments that enhance the brain’s ability to process information and succeed at day-to-day tasks. We believe memories are worth fighting for. That’s why you’re invited to enroll in one of our clinical trials. We’re here to help.

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What Makes our Aspire Study Different


1. The duration of Aspire is far shorter than other clinical studies, making participation easier.

2. The study consists of approximately 8 clinic visits, each designed to be less time-consuming and stressful for patients and caregivers than most current trials.

3. AmyriAD will provide donepezil at no charge for all patients during the study.

4. If your loved one completes the study successfully, they will be eligible to receive extended treatment with AD101 in an open-label study.


1. We are studying our drug, AD101 against placebo. AD101 is a tablet, taken orally, just once-a-day.

2. In addition to study drug, you also will receive Donepezil treatment during the study.

a. Donepezil is the current standard of care for Alzheimer’s disease, and provides well documented improvement in cognition and Independent global function.

3. In our study, you will not have to undergo burdensome or painful procedures such as PET scans or lumbar punctures.

4. If you complete our study by successfully cooperating with procedures, you will be eligible to receive extended treatment with AD101 in an open-label study.


1. Inclusion and Exclusion criteria are driven by the standard criteria for clinical diagnosis of AD, l Genetic classifications, biomarker measurements s, lumbar punctures and PET imaging are NOT needed to qualify.

2. Patients will be selected across a wide range of disease severity, i.e., mild, moderate and severe.

3. Patients with a recent (less than one year old) MRI or CT scan will not need additional imaging prior to and during the study.

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